We all want to thrive. We all want to matter. We all want to have a meaningful impact.

And yet rarely do we create the space to set the vision for our lives or even understand and enact our unique purpose. My offerings serve as a catalyst for your own transformation to be your most powerful and sustainable force for good. I work with individuals, teams and organizations with the core operating philosophy that continuous commitment to love and growth most fully enables us to evolve. Read more about my approach.




Leadership Coaching

An ongoing coaching practice that can be tailored to your unique circumstances and needs. Weekly or biweekly sessions support you in navigating your life's journey to be your most powerful, aligned, clear and purpose-driven leader. Focus areas include:

  • Examining your leadership style, and understanding how others experience it
  • Generating solutions to new/recurring challenges and relationships in your life
  • Defining your leadership credo, what you want to achieve, and how to get there
  • Setting and fostering accountability for goals, and managing changes to achieve them


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Purpose Discovery

A guided coaching process over five sessions, that clears blocks in identifying purpose and taps into your best and highest self. This process is based on a decade of experience with meaningful work and research on the science of purpose. This enables:

  • Exploring your deepest dreams and self through written exercises 
  • Increasing clarity and confidence in what's "true" for yourself through guided prompts, support, and critical questions
  • Creating a final written document — a Purpose Manifesto — as a clarifying guide to navigate decisions and key actions
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Career Transition Guidance

Targeted coaching for inflection point moments in your career, life, and organization. Life-planning, healing practices, and somatic work, enables deep reflection to take bold action. Common transition moments include:

  • Taking big professional leaps, such as a promotion
  • Starting to work at a new company or organization
  • Desiring to leave your current role or navigating a firing/down-sized
  • Founding a new company or organization
  • Managing fast growing company
  • Moving to a new community, city, country



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Duo Support

Relationships are the atomic unit for transformation and fulfillment. Duo, or small group coaching, enables leaders to forge stronger ties, navigate difficult conversations in a safe space, and co-design paths forward. "Duo" often means:

  • Co-founders and co-leaders
  • Reporting/managing relationships
  • Teams
  • Board chairs and CEOs
  • C-Suite leadership

Gatherings Design & Facilitation

Beautiful and effective meeting design can work wonders to maximize a team's precious time together, and enable you to have the conversations you most want and need to have. Facilitation and strategy topics include:

  • Retreats, off-sites, board meetings
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Fellowship/grantee gatherings
  • Skill-building workshops (e.g., fundraising, board development, theory of change, etc.)

Leadership Development Programming

Organizations can powerfully develop their teams as both an expression of their values and as a means to more powerfully fulfilling goals and increasing workplace engagement. Program design offerings include:

  • In-house coaching and purpose development programs
  • Fellowship design and developpment
  • Skill-building and other learning programs
  • Assessment processes