Consulting & Coaching Approach

Through my more than two decades of working with exceptional leaders, I focus on the elements that drive people to create lives and organizations of significance. My approach helps raise your consciousness, deepen your self-awareness, and increase your impact on the world.


Focus on Purpose

Uncovering and leading from purpose — for individuals and organizations — gives meaning, direction, and clarity. The science is proven: purpose helps you live longer, generate more fulfillment at work, and invest in your health. With all that is known about purpose, there are few gifts more powerful than creating the space to uncover what's most true and meaningful. 

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Champion Deliberate Development

The first step to transformation is focusing and committing to development. Your efficacy grows as you focus on deliberate development— gaining deeper self-awareness, wisdom, the ability to influence outcomes, and become more productive. For both individuals and organizations, this is crucial to navigating an increasingly complex world. 

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Elevate Mind Body Awareness

Taking a simple breath. Recognizing where in your body you feel sensations. This mind/body connection, called "somatic" awareness, is a powerful tool to understand and influence your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Tapping into this connection enables you to become more mindful, build self-compassion, and recognize and break unhelpful patterns. 


my Commitment to you

In my coaching and consulting work, I commit to the following:

+ Ask thought-provoking, open and honest questions that enables reflection, and new ways at looking at yourself, others and life/work situations
+ Draw on two decades of experience working with high growth, path-breaking social impact organizations from around the world
+ Reflect back and elevate patterns in mindsets and behaviors
+ Demonstrate unwavering support for growth by offering strategic exercises and learnwork and fostering accountability for your development
+ Help recognize and champion milestones and achievements
+ Help prioritize what's most purposeful and meaningful
+Create the conditions for relationships to be strengthened  and deepened