About Lara Galinsky

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my lifelong curiosities

For as long as I remember, I have been captivated by how people craft their identifies, develop relationships, make key decisions about their lives, and become forces for powerful positive change in the world. I believe deeply in the potential of all human beings, and the power of reflection, self-awareness, and compassion coupled with aspiration, bold action and partnership to enable extraordinary purpose-and impact-driven lives.

Given these interests, it’s no surprise I ended up working in the leadership development and social impact sectors.

With my son Azaiah


my background

Previously and for over a decade, I was honored to serve as a co-leader of Echoing Green, a groundbreaking angel investor in start-up social change organizations around the world. While at Echoing Green, I helped support the launch of over 250+ organizations in 70 countries, and also developed new innovative programs, including the Work on Purpose program to evolve the way in which people make their biggest life and work decisions and Direct Impact to prepare the next generation of board leaders. While at Echoing Green, I authored two books on purpose and social entrepreneurship.

I began my career at Do Something in where I served as the National Program Director and created the Do Something Award to celebrate and financially support the most outstanding young leaders in America generating change in their communities.

I am an entrepreneur-in-residence at the start-up Future Laboratories, a social innovation R&D lab to invent new solutions to deeply entrenched problems in the world. I'm also a business developer consultant for The Women’s Building, a groundbreaking new project led by the NoVo Foundation to transform a former women’s correctional facility in downtown Manhattan to a 100,000 square feet physical home for the girls’ and women’s rights movement.

I received my coach training from CTI and Coaches Rising.

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my own journey

I love people. I love life stories. I love listening. I love supporting.  I love transformation. But it took some time before I realized that I could turn these loves into my full work in the world. 

I remember the moment when it dawned on me that the work of the seed funding fund, Echoing Green, was something even more magical than I ever imagined. More than start-up funding and support to social entrepreneurs, I realized that our work was essentially investing in purpose. Specifically supporting the purpose of individuals with a clear-eyed, expansion vision of a more just and peaceful world. I became deeply curious about purpose, so I absorbed every book I could, listened to sermons and lectures alike, trying to understand the history of the concept, and the science behind it. That led to the creation of Work on Purpose. With a beginners mind, I became a student of adult development. That was also the start of my transition to coaching.

My intimate view and  role in the CEO, start-up and entrepreneur experience has granted me the perspective to support leaders in their windy journeys. And for me personally, despite loving my work and feeling a deep gratitude for the work I am able to do, I have also experienced a fair share of downs. I have felt the emptiness and even at times the crisis of being out of sync with my purpose; the numbness and sheer exhaustion of extreme burn-out; and most of all the tensions inherent in navigating work & family life and feeling like I was failing in all domains. Those high and low moments were supported by a coach, where I first experienced the power of this work and became resolved to one day do this work.

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