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Uncovering Your Purpose Can Change Everything.

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My name is Lara Galinsky

My purpose is to elevate individuals and teams to make their unique contributions to the world matter more.

I am passionate about how people understand and develop themselves in order to make their unique mark. This passion has sparked an amazing journey of launching programs and entrepreneurial endeavors, leading social impact organizations, and supporting leaders to enact their boldest dreams. I have worked with hundreds of the world's most extraordinary social entrepreneurs, supported the launch and development of 250+ pathbreaking organizations in 70 countries, written two books on social impact and purpose, and currently serve as entrepreneur-in-residence at Future Laboratories, the start-up "moonshot laboratory for humanity." Learn more about my work and experience. 


Support for leaders looking
to elevate their impact.

For all of us working in the social impact sector and for start-ups
nonprofits, philanthropies, social enterprises, small businesses, impact agencies, etc.
adding value is core to our fulfillment, our work, and our livelihood. 

Defining your purpose, strengthening your leadership, and identifying your strategy
can transform your life — and your life's work.



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For Individuals

One-on-one leadership coaching, purpose discovery, and career/role transition support to best align who you want to be with what you do.


For Teams & Organizations

Workshops, retreats/off-sites design and facilitation, and internal coaching to activate high-performing, high-impact teams

Thank you to my father and artist, Norman Galinsky, for the beautiful artwork on this site. Using sacred geometry as inspiration, these hand-crafted works embed the energy of change that is possible for every individual, community, and organization.


"THere is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself."

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